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Repair and maintain your vehicle's transmission

Are you having trouble shifting gears?

Shift gears with ease

Turn to the transmission specialists

If your transmission is grinding gears, or seems stiff when shifting, or is making funny noises, don't let the problem go from bad to worse. Both automatic and manual transmissions can suffer from such issues. Turn to our experts who will provide reliable repairs and maintenance.

Ask us about flushing your transmission

Over time, your transmission fluid can become oxidized and inefficient. It's a good idea to occasionally flush all of the old transmission fluid out and replace it with fresh, clean fluid. Stop by our shop today and ask for more details, and let us care for your car or truck!

Enjoy convenient service from our shop crew

It's easy to work with the friendly team  at Hudson's Garage where needed repairs are explained in plain English! Let us put our more than 30 years of experience to work for you and your vehicle.


You'll get to speak one-on-one with an ASE-certified mechanic, who will advise you on all of your vehicle's needs and all of your options.


Reach out to us today!

Your transmission is just one part of what makes your car run smoothly. Turn to us for a complete package of auto care and maintenance services, including engine work!

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You'll only deal with qualified professionals here.

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