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Whether your car passes the Pennsylvania state inspections with flying colors or needs a little work, Hudson's Garage is here to help. Should your car need a few repairs, we can help with that! Our mechanics have experience handling hundreds of car problems no matter how complicated, including:

       - Electrical

       - Transmission

       - Cooling & Oil

       - Exhaust

       - Brakes & Shocks

       - Head Gaskets


        - Air Conditioning

Pass state inspections

Trust us with your annual inspection every year

Make sure your car is running smoothly

Let Hudson's Garage keep your car on the road with yearly PA State Safety and Emissions tests.

The state of Pennsylvania requires almost all vehicles to undergo an annual inspection by a licensed professional. When it's that time of the year for you and your car, drive over to Hudson's Garage. We're an official PennDOT Inspection Station. We'll make sure your car meets state standards for safety and emissions.

Get back on the road sooner

Waiting for your car to get its yearly state inspection can test even the strongest of nerves. Stop waiting so long and bring your car to Hudson's Garage. Our expert mechanics work quickly and thoroughly, checking your vehicle against every part of the state's safety and emissions tests. We'll get you back on the road sooner so you can get on with your life.

Trust the area's best mechanics

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Keep your car on the road year after year.

Call 570-323-1946 to schedule your PA State Safety and Emissions Inspections!