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Keep the lights on and the battery working

Your electrical system matters

Keep your car powered up

Don't let an electrical glitch cripple your auto

To get your car running, your engine doesn't run on gasoline alone. It depends heavily on electricity, from the spark that gets the cylinders going, to the charge that runs the windshield wipers, to the power that delivers the radio signal. Electrical problems can completely cripple your vehicle!





Turn to us for speedy service

The most convenient solution to your electrical problems is to turn to Hudson's Garage. Let us give you straight answers and fast, reliable fixes for all of your car or truck electrical issues. We'll work on any car, no matter the make or model.

Demand the qualified team

Make sure that you choose our ASE-certified team with more than 30 years of automotive experience serving motoritists here in Pennsylvania.


Our crew, who are members of the Alliance Auto Service Providers (AASP), knows quality and delivers superior work.


Don't settle for anything less than our fully licensed and insured experts at Hudson's Garage!

Ready to get back on the road faster and drive farther? Turn to us today for a complete set of auto repair and maintenance services. Give us a call today to make an appointment!

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Deliver top-notch service for your car.

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