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Protect your car and your comfort

Invest in quality shocks and suspension

Enjoy a smoother ride

Stop feeling every bump in the road

You rely on your car's shocks and suspension for a smooth ride. As your tires roll over bumps, potholes and other road hazards, the shocks absorb the bouncy motion and minimize its effect. Unfortunately, time takes its toll on your shocks. After a while, you might find yourself feeling more bumps and jolts than usual. When that time comes, turn to us! We'll diagnose your problem and cure your suspension issues quickly, and for an affordable price.

Don't ignore the warning signs of faulty brakes

Does your brake pedal feel spongy? Do you hear constant squealing or grinding when you apply your brakes? If your brakes aren't performing like they should, it's time to get them checked by a professional. Trust Hudson's Garage to assist you with all of your brake-related automotive needs.

Get convenient service in just one place

You don't have to drive around looking for a bunch of different specialists for the various systems that make up your vehicle. No matter what make or model of foreign or domestic car you have, turn to our one-stop shop for superior auto care and maintenance.


You'll get great work at an affordable price from the respected members of Alliance of Automotive Service Providers (AASP). You'll deal only with ASE-certified mechanics, and you'll get quality work backed by our over 30 years of experience.

Get comfortable on the road! It's easier to enjoy your auto more when you turn to the car comfort experts. Rely on us for shocks and suspension service for a smoother ride, along with fixing your electrical system, air conditioning, and other parts.

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Get the licensed and insured team.

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